Choose the Best Plan That's For You with a pricing model based on subjects per month.


Ksh 999 Monthly
  • At least 2 Subjects


Ksh 320 Yearly
  • 11 + Subjects
  • 7-10 Subjects
  • 3-6 Subjects
Get 30% off


Ksh 340 For 6 Months
  • 11 + Subjects
  • 7-10 Subjects
  • 3-6 Subjects
Get 25% off


Ksh 360 For 3 Months
  • 11 + Subjects
  • 7-10 Subjects
  • 3-6 Subjects
Get 20% off

How It Works

Darasa assessment system is as easy as ABC

1. Log in

Log in to our assessment account

2. Payments

Navigate to the payments area and select the Package that best suits your needs

3. Confirm

Confirm STK push and complete payments

Our Happy Customers

Know about our clients, 

The system's user-friendly interface & customizable options

Darasa assessments system’s extensive question bank and advanced search options make exam creation a breeze. The system’s user-friendly interface and customizable options ensure that I can create accurate and reliable exams that align with learning objectives. I highly recommend this tool to any teacher looking to improve their assessment process

Brian Leshan

Mary Mount

The system allows me to create exams that accurately assess my students' abilities

The Darasa assessment system has made exam creation a breeze for me. Its user-friendly interface and customizable options allow me to create exams that accurately assess my students’ abilities and cater to their learning needs. 

Jane Wangari

Metkei Secondary

It has exceeded my expectations.

I have been using the Darasa assessments system for some time now, and it has exceeded my expectations. The system’s question bank covers a wide range of subjects and topics, with quality photos and graphics making it easy to create exams that accurately assess my pupils’ knowledge and skills. I highly recommend this system to any teacher looking to streamline their assessment process.

Mohammed Ibrahim

Kisima Mixed

Its vast well-illustrated question bank,

As a teacher, I appreciate the flexibility and customization options that the Darasa assessment system offers. Its vast well-illustrated question bank, ensures fairness in assessment. I highly recommend this system to any teacher looking to create accurate and reliable exams.

Washington Onyango

Molo Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions go through the FAQs If you dont find what you are looking for Contact us!

Is the assessment system secure?

Yes, our test maker is secure. All personal information and the exams set are private. Our comprehensive privacy policy caters to all our users to ensure that your account information is well protected.

Is the Darasa assessment system easy to use?

Yes, the assessment system is easy to use. This system is designed with a powerful and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to sign up and use. Additionally, the system offers a range of customization options, allowing you to customize the exam to meet your exact requirements.

How does an assessment generation system work?

The system works by using natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze the input parameters and specifications, such as the topic, class, number of marks, etc. The system then uses a knowledge base and a question bank to display/generate relevant and diverse questions that match the input criteria. The system also generates a marking scheme.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can reach us at [email protected] for this

Can i customize my papers?

The system has been designed to print out a word document that is fully customizable

Is there an additional discount when paid annually?

Yes our services have offers 20% off for 3 months subscription 25% off for 6 months and 30% off for an annual subscription.

I have an issue with my account

  • Reach us at any time via our numerous communication avenues
  • Your issue will be logged and worked on then a notification sent to you once the issue has been resolved

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription after one year?

  • You will recive a notification from the organisation informing you to resubscribe
  • Your account will be reverted back to the freemium version of the system

Do you have a free trial?

  • Yes there is a free Trial
  • limited to 25 questions/class/subject

What kind of payment methods do you provide?

  • we have MPESA for Kenyas
  • International without MPESA can use Flutterwave & Paystack
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